Campbell Land

J'ai tant rêvé de toi.

(from Encarta Dictionary)

·         a feeling of pleasure or a favorable impression that remains after a positive experience


Within the Gentle breezes that blow through the Trees, the Cool nurishment of the Rain, the warmth of the Sun on the Land, and the Light of Stars that shine down upon Campbell Land; Within the Laughter of children, the conversations of friends, and the kindship of Hearts & Souls, in God's comforting Spirit of Healing Love - May you be HELD.


In Memory:
Rene Estelle Haight Campbell
1961 - 2009

hen Rene & I started the renovation of the 'horse barn', into a house, little did we know how great an impact the 'Land' would have on our lives, and how we lived it. With renovations complete, we moved in on October 17th, 2002. Campbell Land was! It wasn't long before our get togethers made their way outside and beside a Bon-Fire. Sharing the Land has been one of the Greatest opportunities that we have had to give as a gift to our friends and family. Rene loved to share and to see everyone having a good time being together. We have spent many years enjoying, sharing and watching the land foster friendships and relationships.

In March 2009 Rene was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer (terminal). The cancer had already spread and metastasized into her spine and her leg bone. Before treatment for the cancer she had to undergo a painful 13 hour surgery for the bone stabilization. After a couple months of cancer treatments, there seem to be a lull in the aggression, and Rene was able to walk a bit and enjoy some 'good' up-time and experiences, including celebrating our 30th Annirversary in June, some summer pool parties and a Labor Day get together. 

In September the treatment drugs stopped working and other types of drugs were tried. They had little effect and the cancer was attacking again. In late October, the cancer cells had spread to her spinal fluids (and into the brain area), and Rene was suffering intense pain. The doctors last ditch efforts were failing, as she suffered more. She chose no further treatments, and was to go home to spend her final weeks with her Family. On Rene's first night home, all semblance of order disintegrated into absolute chaos, she suffered extreme pain and the hospice nurses were unable to stop the pain. After a quick trip to the hospital, Rene was moved to a Hospice care facility. She died a few days later, November 3rd, 2009 at the age of 48.

Rene left an imprint upon all who knew her. In her actions, she showed us how to Love one another, to be accepting of each other - wherever we happen to be in our own Journey. She lived a full life in those short 48 years, and lived life to the fullest. 

Much like the land on which Rene lived, She gave us a sense of calmness, of comfort and stability, refreshing our spirits. We thought that, like the land, Rene would always be with us….. and indeed, in many ways, she will be.

Enjoy The Afterglow!

had a great interest in everything Family and made her family her number one priority. She excelled in the skills and knowledge it takes to maintain a healthy family.
Rene loved people, and loved to get together at each other's homes, or at church functions, and to have fun visiting, playing cards, dancing and laughing. She was a great cook & baker, and enjoyed doing crafts projects. She was always ready to go help others and offer a smile and words of encouragement. Rene made friends everywhere she went. She was all about 'family' and was a true 'Peacemaker'. She loved God and was devoted to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and worked to practice those principles in her life. The 'Fruits of the Spirit' were all around her.
Rene's laugh was infectious, her warm presence always made you feel at home, and her beautiful smile made you feel special. When Rene walked into a room - everything changed !
She is greatly missed, and will live forever in our Hearts.
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